Modern warfare 2 playing with friends in free for all??

Found 31st Dec 2009
Hey folks,
is there anyway a friend and myself can play in a free for all game? We were trying tonight but couldn't think of a way.

Would be good to play that kind of game with friends and others, only we would be to join session when someone is already in a game.
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saw 2 people do it... they had the clan name and name.

when the ffa session is not full i.e. 8 people.. the invite friend option becomes available... thats on the pc.

lemme know if you find a different way.
basically have one person join the game, when he joins and finds an empty game, he should mention it on party chat and have everyone join session in progress.

doesn't have to be empty, but enough slots for each member
Online now.... NewcastleChris
one of you start a game and the others hit the centre ps button then go down to your name press triangle and then join session..
on ghost recon you can choose who is in the room, great if you don't like someone and wanna kick them out:-D
The way to do it is invite a friend to a lobby
tell friend to get ready to answer
as soon as you search for free for all
tell your friend to accept
works with merc team death match too
Thanks everyone I'll give it a try
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