Modern Warfare 2 Trade-In

    Can anyone tell me the best place price wise for me to trade in my
    call of duty modern warfare 2 and my fifa 10, looking to buy fifa 11 maybe so wanna try and get a half decent amount possibly.

    Any help appreciated.

    I thought I see a post on here the other day about call of duty for about £20 trade in which would be pretty good because I only paid £24 for it.

    Anyway and help please.


    cant see you getting £20 for it...i'd say about £12

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    yeah thats what ive seen about but somone posted it on here the other day but cant find it now lol.

    hmv are giving £20 trade in on MW2 and so are asda

    asda were giving £15 trade in on fifa 10 when fifa 11 was launched i dont know if they still are

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    Wasn't it £21 at HMV?

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    Just been over to asda

    Was quite surprised at what i got

    I took Modern warfare 2, Fifa 10 and final fantasy XIII the lastest one lol

    I got £16 for call of duty , £15 for fifa and what i think is the worst game of the lot £18 for final fantasy which i thought was a great price for a rubbish game which im sure you can pick up cheap somewhere!

    Any ideas where you can pick up final fantasy for cheap?


    I got £10 for My modern warefare 2 i wasnt happy
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    Why are people getting rid of MW2? It is the best game out there....

    I got £10 for My modern warefare 2 i wasnt happy

    Was that at ASDA?

    Xbox 360 or PS3?



    Was that at ASDA?Xbox 360 or PS3?

    No blockbuster
    and xbox 360
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