Modern warfare

Posted 25th Oct
Has anyone seen any deals for Modern Warfare digital version. As £60 is too steep. Thanks.
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I saw something earlier....currys had it for 49.99 with 3 month PSN pass

heres the link:…030
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Don't think you will get the digital version for cheaper than £60 for a while.
If it’s Xbox, game share with someone and pay £30 a piece.
If you're signed up to Very check your emails, I had £30 off £60 spend code in my spam..bought PSN credit with it
You can get it from ps store for £50 by buying a £50 and £10 top up from shopto.
Thanks for the help guys, I should of said I'm on xbox, the next best thing was game sharing I did find on CD keys was buying £50 + £10 for £55.39, not a major saving but if it doesn't drop for a while it's a bonus
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