modern warfare remastered to be released seperate for roughly £30

    For those that doubted me and didn't believe me the other week when I said it be released seperate.when I got told off a mate that's sponsored to play it plus two guys that work at seperate games shops. Here's the proof. Good buy infinite warfare another pic and all but don't know how put it on



    on what planet is this proof?

    literally anyone could have opened Word and typed some letters and boom...a headline. insert a random COD pic and the world suddenly becomes gullible and believes the internet.


    This is old news. Everyone knew they were going to bundle the game together for release . Then when the dust settles for 2017, sell the remastered game on its own as a new release and try milk it again for £30 rrp.

    Original Poster

    There it is and don't think anyone would go to the trouble of doing that unless you didn't have a life and was a geek. Cause I know I wouldn't. Also if you ring grainger games up at ellersmere port they'll tell you it's due for release when first lot of dlc maps get released. Plus if it weren't true I wouldn't waste my time putting it as got better things be doing. Just thought be a nice thing to let people know who didn't want spend 70 quid on a game when they don't want play other one. Or some people might not be able afford it. I'd rather by it seperate and spend rest in bozzer than place that crap in space.

    Had to look up what bozzer meant there...

    Ere m8 am off t'bozzer, can a tax a fag?


    Lol at some of the ads on that page "VR gives gamers terrible STDs" X)X)X)
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