Modified PS2 - help required

    Bought my son a 'modified' PS2 last weekbut most of the copied games only play in black and white. I have been told that if I change the settings to NTSC from PAL this should work. I have been through the menus and cannot see anywhere to do this. What can I do?

    Also, it won't play DVD's - someone mentioned something about holding in the reset button for a few seconds - this doesn't seem to work.

    Help would be appreciated and / or is there a website where I could seek advice from others who may have 'modified' systems?


    Out of interest, does it say TEST on the top rather than PS2? TEST PS2s were used for testing PS2 games, they are identical to normal PS2s but they are not region locked (can play either NTSC or PAL) and also they can use CD-R/DVD-r media for games. However, they cannot playback DVDs.

    It sounds like your copied games are NTSC so your TV is going to need to support it. What connection are you using between the PS2 and the TV? If it's composite (three plugs, yellow, red and white) then you're going to be stuck with black and white. The way we used to get around this with Test PS2s is by using an RGB scart lead, they used to be cheap to pick up (fiver from Argos) and usually gave colour with most TVs including ones which were black and white with composite. If the colour is not right, make sure RGB is selected in the system meny.


    Emulating PAL is a bad choice as it will generally cause jitters in video sequences. As mentioned above, if you buy a proper RGB lead not only will you gain this mystic colour you speak of but you'll also get rid of colour bleeding. Trust me, once you go RGB you won't go back!

    If your TV was born in this century i'd be shocked if it didn't support NTSC (basically the American TV colour system).

    Original Poster

    Doesn't say TEST on the top of the box and yes it does have the 3 plugs connection.

    Have got an RGB scart lead and this has made no difference.

    The copied games I have are for NTSC. The TV is about 9 years old.

    Next plan of attack is to try the ps2 on another TV.

    Is there a setting in the PS2 menu to change to NTSC? If so, where I cannot find it.

    this is simple really..........your tv isnt ntsc compatable........for instance the games play black an white on my daughters old portable.........but the same games play in colour on the main telly daughter just lives with it,,,,,,,,,,,i'll probably get her a new tv/dvd combo for she can go back to colour again........but the majority of her games are pal anyway

    It's your TV, not the PS2. You need to set your TV to NTSC and as it's 9 years old, this could be a problem.

    I had the same fault when trying to play ntsc games on an older tv and ended up ordering a ntsc > pal converter lead from ebay (looks like a mini ps2 with leads), problem sorted.
    I think i paid around £7 inc delivery.
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