Mods efficiency?

    What is an average time for scam/spam posting removal? That "ticketing" message didn't last long! :thumbsup:


    I am omnipotent and omniscient you know.

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    That was lightning fast

    [conspiracy theory mode ON]
    Mods are actually posting spams/scams themselves to justify their existence!
    [conspiracy theory mode OFF]

    Just kidding you know

    Anything that looks even slightly suspicious we move to a holding area to discuss and make a decision on. That way it's not sitting in the forum to fool anyone. Sometimes we move posts which we decide are fine, but just move them back again.

    During the day, there are usually 2 or 3 of us on here at a time, so we get to posts pretty fast. I'm slower in Misc and Freebies though, as I am mostly in Hot Deals...

    There's usually a mod online at *most* times. I'm online pretty much constantly, so's Emma, Edi's here a lot and so are all of the others for that fact!! We do try to remove things pretty quickly. Sometimes we nip a spam post in the bud within seconds of it appearing, but I have removed them 20 mins after posting.

    So the answer is, we remove them as fast as physically possible.

    The mod team isn't huge, but we get the job done.

    I usually read all the Misc and FS&T posts. I keep a check on mobile deals in the Hot Deals section but I'm not great at everything else in there unless it's something I'd been interested in and it's been posted again.

    LOL. I read all the Hot Deals, except the mobile ones posted by Ducko!!! Well, sometimes if a mobile one catches my eye, I would check it out. I have developed a technique of scanning through posts really fast... !

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    ..Hello my neim iz Frank Okikie and my Unkle waz a prezident of Bank of Zimbabwe befor Mugabe kill him. Pliz sent me 4000 USD and I give you 1 milion dollarz.

    Seriously, you guys are quite good. How can you afford to spend so much time to be on this forum? On my forum we have "shifts" so that we always have some Admins/mods online, but then this forum is still quite small


    I am omnipotent and omniscient you know.

    Sorry to hear that Emma.

    The doctor told me mine was stress related.

    We might have to start the "shift" system soon, if the forum continues to grow in the way it has been! But I suppose we are quite a small forum, when you compare us to some of the larger deal sites.

    I have an administrative job, so I'm able to be on here most of the day, while I pretend to do my real work...(!) No seriously, I do have a real job...!


    Sorry to hear that Emma.The doctor told me mine was stress related.


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    No seriously, I do have a real job...!

    Hope you are not one of NTL CS?
    Although that does explain editing wrong posts sometimes


    I have developed a technique of scanning through posts really fast... !

    It becomes second nature!! It's easy to spot something that may be spam or self promtion, even if you're scanning the forum index. Ambiguous titles, dodgy usernames, usernames with names of the shop they're posting about and incomplete titles, titles all in capitals, etc, all draw attention to it so it can be spotted in a few seconds.

    Once opened it only takes a second to realise a deal is legit or if it needs to be quarantined. :grin:


    No seriously, I do have a real job...!

    You must be kidding Emma!! You get paid to surf HUKD all day?? How unfair... although I guess a lot of users are under the same circumstances, lol.

    I hope you get some "real" work done too.
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