Mod's, How about a Joke forums?

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Found 17th Apr 2008
There seems to be so many jokes in the 'Misc' forum at the moment that its looking a bit clogged up, I enjoy the jokes and they put a smile on my face every day but it's getting a bit tedious when your scanning the threads in the forum for more general topics and you end up reading loads of 'funny s' instead.

How about a joke or funny forum where users who want cheering up can go and give heat to the funniest thread?

  1. Misc
  2. Cinema
  1. Misc
  2. Cinema

or put all jokes on one thread

No. Perosnally it fits well into "Miscellaneous musings and random nonsense"

If it did happen it would need to be a subforum, not a separate forum

I like the mix of topics, it would be boring without the jokes etc.


i think it fits in well in misc, and like sophie said it can really lighten your day at times, unless i need help re-wiring the house or poppin a conservatory on, then the jokes should wait - lol

The idea of more forums doesn't tend to be popular incase this site ends up like MSE......

But maybe people should put JOKE at the start of the title.

Shouldn't this be in the "Feedback" forum.

It is obvious which threads are jokes, just don't click on them.

I'd prefer if they were in a separate subforum as well.

i perfer one big thread.

old but still funny

I really dont mind as i always view all/all/new


i perfer one big thread.

I perfer

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