Mods removing posts

    I've noticed on a few threads lately that the mods seem to be being a bit heavy handed removing posts.

    Why remove Dinos posts on the Rear Projection Thread ? They seemed relevant to me.

    I can understand why my comment in a previous thread was removed, as it was a joke comment, but was no more off topic than lots of other posts that are left.

    I can't see any reason to sanitise posts unless they are offensive or a long way off topic.

    This isn't a "having a go at the mods" thread, as I'm amazed at how dedicated they are to this forum, just a question.


    In the regular forums we generally do not edit or remove posts unless they are offensive or trolling. We are tightening up the guidelines in FS/FT right now though. Please see the thread in Comments by dinosteveus about this very issue.

    Original Poster

    Ok, cheers.

    I hardly ever venture into Comments
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