MODs these days.....

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Found 11th Jan 2015
Where do you find these mods these days.....

Can they not count??

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  2. Cinema
  1. Misc
  2. Cinema

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Oh & btw, Can you re open the linked thread? Or are you to busy playing 'counting' games on misc?



You bumped not long after making a comment so would imagine that counted as excessive bumps. Why not just PM the Mod.?
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I am assuming it is this thread
There are actually 11 bumps and not 2. Bumping of a thread isn't just the OP posting a comment that says 'bump'

A maximum of 3 bumps per thread.Do not bump your threads excessively. … A maximum of 3 bumps per thread.Do not bump your threads excessively. It’s not fair on other users. Three bumps per thread are allowed in order to promote your listing. For this reasons, no vague threads are permitted and the item offered/wanted must be specific. Any unnecessary comments or consecutive postings within your thread will be classed as a bump or thread spoil.

Your thread was vague and not specific.

Let me know what you are willing to trade for...

Should you decide to relist in 7 days please ensure that any Wanted item is specific so it is not over bumped.
I have also responded to your PM explaining why it was locked but should you seek further clarification of the FS guidelines please see them here or contact HUKD Admin.

Sorry, commenting is no longer available on this discussion.

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