Mods - You can thank me later...

    I hope that you do not mind but I entered all your names in a drawing for a 7 day cruise.I assure you that no sales people will call or bother you in anyway.
    This is completely on the up and up.
    I've taken the liberty of putting your names into the
    Drawing for a Seven day Six night Cruise on the
    Fabulous new Gypsy Queen Cruise Line ship the
    ' Dixie Belle'. All airfares, transfers, food and drinks included with dinner at the captain's table as his personal guest. Good luck, I hope you win!

    The Flagship ' Dixie Belle' is shown below...


    Original Poster

    Your first night's meal promises to be scrumptious, featuring fillet
    of Catfish, Hush Puppies and Collards, with all you can eat Boiled
    Louisiana Rusty Crawfish!

    Boy, I wish I was goin' with ya'll.

    If'n ya'll win, make sure to send pictures, especially of the Famous,
    'Ole' Muddy Midnight Skinny Dip, with your hostesses Eulla Bell
    And Krissie.

    Since ya'll may have the presidential suite, yu'in's will have
    a balcony view and the finest facilities.

    Nothing is too good for my friends...! :whistling::-D

    Crossing my fingers!!!!

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah hahahahahha


    Its a times like this I wish I could don the cape and become a Mod

    Good luck mods!!! lol :thumbsup:

    Gosh Duck, it'll be like at home except more luxurious.
    What a lovely kind man taasda is. Hope there's more super hols for taasda's friends.:whistling:

    good luck mods....

    i wish i was a mod....

    Good luck mods :giggle:

    oh damn i wish i was a mod because i need a holiday :giggle:
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