Found 25th May 2011
im coming to the end of my 24 month [too long] contract within the next 2 months im with 02 at the momemt and supposed to pay 35 pound a month but i downgraded tarriff partway through my contract then got another discount due to 02 messing up i currently pay 15 quid a month 200 mins unlimited txts and 500mb of internet i have the iphone 3gs which i love

anyways i was just wanted to ask you guys what kind of upgrade offer will i get ? i hear 02 now offer upgrades to just a 12 month contract ? is this correct

the only phone im interested in is the s2 i admit im a apple fan boy but i have no idea when the next iphone is due out ?

cheers guys


There are 12 month contracts, but the cost per month is quite a bit more (the same costs are involved as for an 18/24 months deal, but with less time to pay them!)

A large factor in any deal they offer you is how much they've made out of you over the last 6 months. If you've gone over your plan price, you'll get a good deal. If you never go over and just pay the £15, they can see no profit from you and won't offer you as good a deal.


O2's best deal on the S2 that I could find was free phone, 600 mins, u/limited texts & 500mb data plus u/limited wifi through The Cloud for £32/month .... not sure about the cost for less minutes as didn't check as that's how many I need
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