Moisturiser for around the eyes

    I've always used a nivea moisturiser on my face but recently a friend told me that its bad to use it on the skin around the eyes as that skin is more sensitive and using a normal cream will end up leaving you with baggy skin there!

    She said that there are speciality creams on the market for the skin around the eyes. Has anybody used any of these creams and can recommend a decent one



    estee lauder do a good little one in a brown container.

    You don't need special cream for round the eyes. Nivea and other reasonable priced creams are fine. You do have to be careful how you apply it around the eyes because the skin is more fragile there, be careful not to pull or drag the skin.

    There are thousands of speaial eye creams on the market which come in tiny containers and are thicker than most creams but it is all just marketing hype to amke us feel we need them
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