Mole claims Toshiba to terminate HD DVD

    Beware of HD DVD, looks like Blue Ray has won the day. Visit here to read the full story…im/

    Is Toshiba about to fall on its sword and announce the demise of HD DVD? That's certainly what one report citing an unnamed mole within the HD DVD camp is claiming, even though Toshiba itself is having none of it.

    The source mentioned by US Home Media Magazine claims that Toshiba could declare HD DVD dead in "a matter of weeks".

    Is HD DVD going the same way as Betamax, Cartridges, plasma screens, VHS, cassettes, etc


    i love hd dvd only bad point is that some films i want is only available on blu ray, i dont know why alot of people would favour blu ray have they been brainwashed with brands i much prefer a format that isnt region controlled and more free


    It's BLU-RAY, not Blue Ray.

    Is HD-DVD going the same way as Plasma Screens ? What are you on ?!
    I still recall Plasma's competing with LCD easily.

    Officially Toshiba has stopped manufacturing HD-DVD drives. They were the original backer of the format, but there are plenty of other manufacturers around like Samsung who still makes them and has just announced a dual player for summer. It takes time for technology to phase out and as Blu-Ray is now the dominant format it's a loss for the Blu-Ray consumer, not the HD-DVD one.

    You see, the market will be flooded with many of the millions of HD-DVD players from back stock at budget prices. These make great upscalers and DVD players whilst playing your HD-DVD collection. You then get cheap movies on HD-DVD, some are already £7.95. But the biggest loss is competition. With Blu-Ray being the only format it means they can keep the prices high and control the market without any need to improve on the technology. Blu-Ray consumers beware more like !

    The best features of HD-DVD were that they had combo-formats (DVD one side, HD-DVD other and Downloadable content) both of which Blu-Ray has no need to progress to as it means less money to the film studios.

    So, expect the usual panic selling , but it all takes time and Blu Ray now has a large responsibility to provide a stable and consumer friendly platform for the movie studios to release films and the consumers to watch them on. It's just a pitty they couldn't decide on 1 format in the first place, but either way the losing format has helped the consumer by providing the catalyst of competition and forced Blu-Ray to lower it's prices years before it would have if it was the only format.

    Appreciate it for what it has been and look towards the future , as the only war was over which studio would get the most money out of the consumer.

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