Moller Skycar M400 £324000.00 @ Firebox

    visitor avatar Just took delivery of my new baby, and must confess, am revelling in the freedom from those noxious slabs of pork with the speed cameras, radar, and fascist mind-control. The Skycar's a release, and freely available to anyone with a bit a spare change. Why, just a few minutes ago, was sorta hovering nonchalantly in Westminster, when a little old lady inched up next to me in HER new Mollar SuperSkyCar, hunched over the controls, sweat beading from every pore, as she contemplated studiously avoiding parking on my wingtip. However fate is inexorable, and she did. Then she carefully reversed into Big Ben, made a beautifully executed 27-point turn, and headed off toward the palace, gently ricocheting off buildings on her way up, her little "L" plate flapping gracefully with her swerves. Say, do these come with guns and missile options?
    Wary as any test pilot taking up an experimental craft, the man in the fireproof blue suit
    kissed his wife before climbing into the cockpit. One by one he started the eight rotary engines, then pushed a small red throttle with his left-hand and a joystick with his right. With that, engines whining, the flying saucer rose 40 feet into the air. He took his volantor on a 150 second spin in Davis
    Paul Moller has spent 40 years and $50 million building the L.A. commuter's dream car


    any discount codes?

    "That's when it goes on sale, of course, which isn't just yet."

    but you cant buy it? so how can it be a deal?

    sure this was reduced to clear at Sainsburys

    Oh look someones posted the Skycar................. again :roll:

    Original Poster

    yeah think there bogof. im gonna get 1 at that price there a bargain no more sittin in traffic jams for me.

    As i have this kind of money spare - even in the recession, i might as well purchase two. just incase their value increases in the future..


    Moved to Misc - Fun post.

    Thanks Thats hubbies pressie sorted :thumbsup:

    fail moderation again



    fail moderation again

    Troll like that once more and it's curtains for the evening at least.
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