Monday's devastating earthquake in China's south-western Sichuan Province

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Found 16th May 2008
I think the situation is awful
I mean the chinese authorities are doing great, I think it will generate good press pre - olympics.

But Five Million homeless,
how will they cope.…stm


i hope the olympics council will consider having 3 minutes of silence at the opening for those who were affected.

At least they're cracking on with the rescue and are organised and have international help - not like the situation for the poor souls in Burma.

oh gosh the burmese junta is ... i mean if u can bear to let your own people/countrymen and women and children rot then there is no hope !

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I've seen some awful stuff in the news though, wel when i saw awful i mean when you see people being pulled out from underneath the rubble , hoping their alive.

cant watch it. after that boxing day tsunami disaster ... i usually have to turn off news.

im sure this was a couple of days ago?:|

Me too - just avoiding it. It's too emotionally devastating seeing people ruined in all possible ways and knowing that you're actually seeing the least worst bits.


im sure this was a couple of days ago?:|

The effects of the typhoon in Burma? It's a disaster that's getting worse.…stm
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