monetary value of £250 voucher???

hi guys, I've basically got a quite simple question, I currently have accumulated enough bonus points through playing poker to purchase 2 x £250 vouchers. Just wondered how much people are usually willing to pay?? only ask since its a toss up between that or spending my bonus points on some other junk

cheers for any advice, gaz


90% is usually how it goes.
So £250 should be able to be sold for £225. However I think you may need some feedback/rep if you're to be trusted around these forums.

edit: didn't mean to sound rude, sorry.

If you go on fleabay some idiots usually bid up to about £224.50 then pay £2.50 special delivery postage costs lol. If it's in seperate amounts like £10's and £20s they will usually go for very close to the amount,

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cheers guys! thanks for the advice, I don't have any rep here or on ebay (since i generally don't bother to sell anything online) but these seemed worth while selling. As it is, its a electronic code voucher, so 90% sounds reasonable although now its whether people want to purchase from me haha... oh well wish me luck! cheers again, rep added to you both.

Well put it buy it now and a lot of people dont even bother about feedback. Worth a try

Hi pontylad can I ask you what site do you play your poker to get the points?


Hi pontylad can I ask you what site do you play your poker to get the … Hi pontylad can I ask you what site do you play your poker to get the points?Thanks

Good point, my mom reads books like they're going out of fashion and she's got loads of free time on her hands (can't work due to arthritis really bad) so may show her the site-she can lie in bed and get points to buy more books :thumbsup:

i might be interested

Members need to be extremely careful regarding Amazon vouchers.
Not saying the OP is a problem but please be aware there is a lot of fraudulent activity going on.…-75

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hey guys, sorry only just woke up. Basically i play on poker stars under the same name as i am here, haha if your bored and want to check out some statistics then type sharkscope or opr into google.

For anyone thinking to earn bonus points i do forwarn you that it can take bloody ages to earn them. But I'm happy to respond to anyone if they want a chat/advice about online poker/poker sites

ps, as for the voucher, i understand what hottoshop is saying, there are a lot of dick heads out there.

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hey muffin, Sorry didn't realise you had written you might be interested. As stated above i don't have them at present (since i need to convert my bonus points first). If you are interested then just let me know.

contact me when available if price is right im in
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