Money Saving Christmas Reindeer "Cookie Cutters"!

Posted 24th Oct
Sharing this more publicly after I made a thread comment, which a few people thought was a good idea!

Most/a lot of people (who bake) already have Gingerbread Men/Person shape "cookie cutters", but did you know these can quickly be turned into Christmas Reindeer?!

Take a Gingerbread Man cookie cutter... turn it upside down... you now have a Nose* (the head), Eyes (the body), Ears (the arms) and Antlers (the legs)!
*don't forget red smarties for Rudolf's nose!

We've used them for the last few years as gifts and friends and family now request them!

ps, I'm a bloke and I love making these every year!
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We did these for a xmas bake sale at school.
Went down very well and my daughter and I had a lot of fun making them!
Great idea
Nice job
Good idea
Whenever I see these I always see upside down gingerbread men 🙈

Mind you I’ve been baking since I was a little girl and have many cookie cutters gathered over the years so plenty of Xmas shaped ones! A great idea for kids to see something can be something else too tho - and who really cares what they look like anyway, it’s all about the taste 😋
I only came here to catch a flamedeer.
Love these, great idea
Hahaha brilliant love this.
Those look great 😁
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