Money to take to Mexico and Departure Tax

Found 30th Aug 2013
Hi Everyone,

Ok basically we are going on holiday next week to Mexico, we have been twice before but a good few years ago now.

Everytime we have visted we have taken US dollars with us as we was told that local people prefer to be tipped in Dollars rather than peso, plus I can understand dollars far better than peso's.

We also paid for all the trips (via thomas cook) in Dollars, we had the option of Peso, Dollar, UK Sterling or Credit Card (With exchange rate etc)

Now the problem we have is that Thomas cook are now saying that everything "has" to be paid in Peso, (including trips, and Departure Tax)

I Understand the departure tax has to be cash, but we paid in US dollars last time as it was stronger that the peso and got more for your sterling.

Does anyone know if something has changed since 2008 as this is the last time I went to Mexico

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been four times and im certain you no can only use peso they dont take dollars i would check I always go playa car much nice than cancun

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Didn't someone ask the exact same question not too long ago.

Money to pay off the cartel ofc

i know they stopped taking usd a couple of years ago. still took sterling though. don't know if it's changed since

You are going to Mexico so use their currency!! I hate the fact that everywhere has a dollar price around cancun and PDC!! Your not in America and the Mexicans like most of the world hate Americans!
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