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Found 14th Mar
I am looking for one of my relative a blood sugar tester... they are not based in UK hence I need to find it...

I am not after cheapest which won't work but more like something of decent price but quality not compromised.

Thanks in advance
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My father-in-law has just been given this one as he is a diabetic.…er/ Advantage this meter has over others it can measure both Blood Sugars and Ketones.

Not used it for long yet so can't speak about reliability. He is also a pensioner so does not have to pay for any of the strips - so I would agree with missleading and factor the price of the consumables into your choice of system.
do not buy any random BM tester, it may be that strips are too expensive.
ask your relative what BM tester the doctor recommends and get that one
Accu-Chek Mobile Blood Glucose System (Eligible for VAT relief in the UK)…DRN

I have that one its very ggod as it takes a cassette of 50 strips and 6 needles, so you dont need to change manually every time. But as above check the price of strips as they may be expensive. Mine are available on the nhs.
I am a type 2. I lived in France for 13 years and machine and strips were supplied free of charge.Not sure what country they live in but should maybe check that this is not available to them. On my return to the uk the NHS told me that they will not supply type 2 with testing machines or strips, unless you are taking certain medication. The machine i had from France to buy the strips here were about 30 pound for 50. So what ever machine you pick make sure they can easily get the strip at a reasonable price. it might pay to you have a look on the diabetic forum.
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