Money, Worth the Paper I'ts Printed On ?

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Found 14th Oct 2004
Have you any opinions of the Value of money today, with most transactions being done by Plastic ?

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Welcome here That's quite the first topic to start off with!!

What do you mean by your question? Are you asking whether tangible money itself will cease to exist and we will operate solely on the intangible transactions of numbers? Or, are you asking if the money itself is backed by anything tangible (it's not fully)?

There's a very interesting article somewhere on the net that I read about the problems the US had with counterfeit money early in its history. Basically almost all the money was counterfeit yet if people accepted bills at value and didn't question it the country could still run (more or less). There is no intrinsic value to the bills only the value we all agree on.

Not now! Worth more when first posted!!
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