Has anybody used them at all? I've done a whois and it's coming back inconclusive.

    I only ask because somebody in work is buying a car from a private seller and they've ask for the money to go through The reason I'm suspicious is because it's a 3 year old Beetle Cabriolet with 14k mileage and he's asking for only £5500. Plus he's now moved to Austria and wants a quick sale, however as I work in the motor trade I know that if he had taken it to a car dealer he'd have got a lot more than the money he's asking for.

    The person buying the car reckons that if they put the money through moneybookers they will not release the funds until they are satisfied with the vehicle. I on the other hand think as soon as that money is put through they will never hear from this fella or see this car.

    Any advice before they make this payment is appreciated.



    these scams are on all the time.anyone who is moving abroad and selling a car or who is already abroad and wants to ship car back too uk avoid avoid will notice the same scam on ebay too

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    Thanks everyone. I've just let her come over and read the replies. I warned and warned and warned her but she was adamant it was legit, so I put the story on here as a neutral so she could see whether it was just me or it was a genuine scam.

    She now believes me, so thank you to everyone who helped me convince her!


    Moneybookers is legite, the seller might not be though.

    Don't go bashing MB, it's as safe as PayPal.. in other words............ well you know what I mean.
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