Anyone know when this is out at the cinema? Looks pretty cool.


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    Yeah I've not really heard much about it, but it does look pretty decent, although i think it has subtitles!

    go see it - brrrrrrrrrilliant

    got a freebie for this from here - thanks -

    got everything - bloody - excellent cinematography (im not a film buff - but it was!!) - lurve - backstabbing!!


    edit - re subtitles - kept to minimum - mate even said it wasnt distracting

    I'll probably watch it when it comes out on DVD. I bet it will be a politically correct (historically incorrect) portrayal of events, just like the Kingdom of Heaven film was.

    Oh, sweet. I've been reading the first two of excellent series of books by Conn Iggulden about Genghis Khan (highly recommended) and I heard there were plans for a film. I don't think this is based on those books, but I had worried that it would be all Hollywood-ed up with western actors etc. Looks like this film is what I was hoping for! Thanks for the heads-up.
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