Mongoose Subject 2010 BMX - Black -ADVICE PLEASE

Found 23rd Nov 2009
Mongoose Subject 2010 BMX . Not sure if this is a good deal or not. However some advice would be greatly appriciated from any owners/BMX users out there.
This is a possible xmas gift for my daughter age 10. She is a bit of a tom-boy and can give all the boys a run for their money on her old bike!!!. I want to get her a good well built BMX and came across this at my local bike shop. The owner advised that it is a great bike and will last. I can get it for £169 (posted above link to show actual bike). I know I can take it back if any issues or if bike needs adjusted etc, so that gives peace of mind -But is it any good???
Now to confuse things I had a look in Halfords and she spotted a BMX X-Rated Furnace at £129.99 and she really loved it. I could not find much info on this bike on-line and am a bit wary of Halfords stuff, and never heard of the X rated brand.
If anyone can put my mind at rest and recommend the Mongoose I am happy to pay the extra £30, but if the X-rated one is better I would really like to know. She will use it for general use and has no plans to Jump off the house roof, or leap across lakes!!! -Just evry day use with her chums.
I know bike threads usually kick off - but a stear it the right direction would be fantastic.
Sorry don't know how to add image -so if some-one would be so kind.
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Does she want to just ride it around or do the sort of stuff you see at skateparks or on dirt? Sorry, I've just read your bit about not jumping off the roof, but ultimately she probably will want to do some of this stuff. My son's a bmxer (]here's his youtube channel) and if your daughter is looking to eventually do this sort of riding then she needs to be looking at much lighter, stronger (and more expensive) frames than you've been considering. PM me if you want me to ask my son for his advice.
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