Posted 14th Dec 2022 (Posted 16 h, 37 m ago)
anyone here use a monitor light bar such as this…ar/

which one do you use and do you recommend it?

when I work at night I like to dim the lights but it sometimes isn't comfortable
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    Plenty on eBay for £20 - 25 which are more than adequate.

    I bought a generic one from eBay in January 2020 for £20.
    I have a 32 inch monitor do I need a specific one
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    I have one. I think i paid around £25 for it. Tbh, i don't use it as much as i had thought. It does have its uses tho
    Which one do you have?
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    They're just desk lamps that save a bit of desk space by mounting to your screen. As far as I'm aware they don't interact with the monitor in any way.

    A lot of them do only light up the area in front of the screen which is fine for an office with multiple people in. However, if your desk is against the wall then you'll likely find it more comfortable to light up the wall behind the screen as well as the area underneath it so some other form factor may be better.
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