OK so I'm getting a little space greedy and I'm thinking of selling on my 20" widescreen Dell monitor. What I'm wondering is what's the best (i.e. biggest!) monitor that can be bought for about £250, £300 at a stretch. I've seen the 22" LG on the front page but are there any 24" widescreen monitors sub £300. I don't know if it's worth the hassle of selling my 20" to buy a 22".....
    Any thoughts?


    I never saw any 24" TFTs below 300 quid. The cheapest is Acer AL2416WS/WAS and it cost ~360 quid.

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    awww that's a shame... i remember the days i got my 20" for a mere £280 thinking it was a great deal.... :-(

    I think that is because 24" monitors are mostly using more expensive and better panels (S-IPS, PVA, MVA and such) and cheaper TN+ panels are still not quite popular in this size.

    You could go for the Acer at ebuyer ]click.

    They do a buy now pay later scheme,so you could pay for it in 9 months time,giving you a bit more saving up time:)

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    so tempting! but i'd have to shift my old one first... any takers?!

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    lol it is tempting to just upgrade to a larger one of the one i have, it's a beaut
    £492 @ ITC
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