Found 14th Apr 2009
Hi guys,

Not being overly au fait with monitors, can someone please advise me on whether it's better to go for a 1680x1050 DVI monitor (, or a 1920x1080 VGA monitor (

I'd be using it essentially for graphic design, Photoshop work etc. Oh, and I have an ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro 512MB graphics card, if that helps.

Many, many thanks in advance for anyone kind enough to offer advice!


A DVI connection (Digital) is usually better than a VGA connection (Analogue).

The 1680x1050 format tends to be a more "computer" based format.

The 1920x1080 format is more a "TV" based (16:9) format, the 1080 being equal to the number of lines on a HD TV.

My guess is the 1680x1050 would be better for Photoshop work, and as that is DVI as well it would seem the best.

Your links dont work because they are not the full link, they have lots of dots in the centre.

Can you post the full links.


Both of those are TN based LCDs and will have noticible colour differences between the top and bottom of the screen. This also means they're only 6-bit and will dither to get the other colours.

If that doesn't affect you then it really is personal preference which you go for, some people will prefer the higher resolution of the 1920x1080 while others will prefer not to risk going for a vga-only LCD and VGA can be a bit fuzzy.
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