Monitor and Tv Combined


    Not sure what you would call it but I am looking for a PC Monitor that is also a TV.

    Could anyone offer some help out there. :oops:


    Something like this one?

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    Something like ]this one?

    Yeah thanks for that its not a bad price either.

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    With this one, how does it become a tv? or do you have it a either. Puzzled by them all.

    I have this one.
    Can't speak for Advent, but LG got built-in TV tuner, SCART and RCA connectors (and VGA of course). So PC is connected to VGA (D-SUB), Playstation goes to SCART and antenna (coax) goes to TV tuner connector. It is that simple.
    My LG also comes with remote control, so it is quite easy to operate it when in TV mode. This remote is also active in PC mode.

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    Cheers for that might pop in to PC world in the morning.
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