Monitor arm?

Found 17th Jan
if u get a monitor arm instead of using stand can I push it right to the wall for space?
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Depends on the stand and where you fit it.
I've got a newstar one and when you use the monitor back it's at least 15cm from the wall, the arm is quite chunky.
catbeans26 m ago

Depends on the stand and where you fit it.

Thanks I'll have to look at some
It depends on the arm mount. If it's wall mounted then I'd generally expect it to fold down to be flush with the wall, but if you're looking at something like a desk mount extending behind the mounting point then that'll be much more variable.
I use a couple of ergotron monitor arms which are desk mounted and if I push the monitor towards the wall it sticks out about 6" due to the thickness of the arm and Vesa mounting head rotating thing.
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