Monitor - Budget - £200 or Under

    Hi there, im currently connecting my laptop to my 26" Goodmans TV via HMDI to use for university work (as typing out a report on a lappy doesn't feel right for me, i use a wireless keyboard and mouse).

    As Goodmans TV's arnt that cracky the resolution im getting isnt the best and everything looks huge (plus there's hardly any working area).

    So im thinking as i don't use the tv tuner I should just go for a monitor with a HDMI input? I use the screen for xbox also and at university im doing web design, so colours are a big factor.

    What would you recommend I go for? Most I want to spend is £200, but id welcome something more towards the £150 mark. Anything over 20" would be fine.


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    Saw a 22" monitor at Scan (today only section). Think it was £95 ish.
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