Monitor decision Dell U2414H or Dell U2715H

Found 10th Dec 2017
Can't decide on monitors to buy.
Option 1 - Dell u2414H.…57/
Circa £189
Review -…htm
IPS monitor

Option 2 - Dell U2715H -…omp
Circa £365.
Review -…htm
IPS monitor.

Mainly use PC for browsing web. Plus games such as Civ 4/5. Warhammer 40k Dawn of War. Future use for Homms 3-5 and EU IV. Would be great to run the new Tomb Raider. Don't play many shoot em outs.

My main concern is my graphics.
Nvida 1060 6gb. Will this be okay for 1440P and 27 inch?
Well aware these are both IPS screens.
Text on screen can appear small on a 27 inch. Is this a big issue?

Price wise I am still searching. May use NRG IT site if I go U2414H as they are £169 at present. Otherwise looking above £350.

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If they were the same resolution text would be bigger or the bigger screen, but because it's got a higher res text will be slightly smaller, very slightly that is, so kit much of a worry.
I might be wrong but the games you listed are more cpu intensive and a 1060 should be able to handle 1440p quite well, at 1080p it should be able to max out all games pretty much and at 1440p you might have to knock things down slightly.
The price difference for that bit of extra size is monstrous though.
Yes huge price difference! Long term would I want a bigger screen than 24inch? Probably? I use my computer many hours a day. The cheap option is to go 24inch now and update in a few years. To me that seems a bit backwards.

I updated my computer in October 2017 to an Amd Ryzen 1600 so I am trying to make the most of this now.
"Nvida 1060 6gb. Will this be okay for 1440P and 27 inch?"


"Text on screen can appear small on a 27 inch. Is this a big issue?"

What is appropriate and what is usable depends on your exact viewing distance. The monitors with the same sizing for the two resolutions would be 24" and 32", or 20" and 27".

Choosing the wrong one can be a big deal. What size and resolution is your current screen and how do you find it for distinguishing between small details? For example how easily can you distinguish between a full stop and a comma.
Currently using 22" Dell E228WFP resolution 1680 by 1050.

I can just about make out the difference between . and ,.

I am about 60cm from the screen. Which is another concern if I go 27 inches.
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