monitor / laptop help needed please!!

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Found 30th Sep 2008
Is it possible to use my ACER laptop as a monitor for my PC tower?
If so, how is this done.
Any advice hugely appreciated!!!!!
I need to get at files on my PC, but monitor is kapput!


I don't think it can be done.

Not directly, no.

There are ways of doing what you need to do tho, depending on the state of the PC needing the files from it.

If your GFX card has TV out, you could temporarily output to a telly and configure file sharing across your network. As long as your laptop and PC are on the same network you could copy or view them from there. Once it's configured, you wouldn't even need to login to the PC - as long as you're on the welcome screen (if you have more than one profile on there) the File and Printer Sharing Service will be active.

By the same token you can also configure the PC to accept connections from other computers and put a password on your main account. Then when you connect to the PC via your laptop using Remote Desktop Connection, you'll have full access to your PC from it.

It's possible, but you would need access to the PC to set it up as not many laptops have video inputs so you'd have to do it with software instead of hardware.

As guru says connecting it to the TV might be the cheapest option if possible, the other easy way to do it is to just take the hard drive out of the PC and use either an adapter or hard drive enclosure to connect it to the laptop, but you'd have to find out whether the tower's hard drive was IDE or SATA.
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