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Found 13th Feb
I recently took advantage of a deal on here and bought an LG 4k monitor (27UD59P). It installed and works perfectly on one of my PCs using the display port, but on this one (AMD (Trinity) A6-5400K/AMD Radeon HD 7540D 1024MB GDDR3), and using HDMI (the only option), it's nothing but trouble. After a bit of trying to install from supplied disk I managed to install the driver I downloaded from LG, but I can't get any resolution above 1080p even after detecting the correct monitor with the AMD "vision center" control panel.

I tried to change to "free sync" mode via the LG software control panel in case that would have made a difference, but it just says to enable in the hardware, and I can't see any option for that!

Anyone know what might be going on or what else I could try?

While I'm here, another question..

Is there such a thing as a 3 way USB cable? I'd like to be able to use the same keyboard/mouse USB dongle on two PCs at the same time (powering one down, before powering the other up, although it would be nice if it could work without powering down anything,if that's possible). It would save me having to go behind my PCs and switch the dongle over manually. With this new monitor, I already have a cable from each PC to the monitor, so no need for me to switch monitor cables any more, and no need for monitor/keyboard/mouse switcher.

Any ideas welcome!
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You have to enable ultra HDMI deep coulour in the settings menu to enable 4k resalution
The A6-5400K won't support the HDMI 2.0 needed to run that monitor at a normal refresh rate, I'm not sure it'd even support HDMI 1.4 to run 3840x2160@30hz. It also doesn't support Freesync.

There's not much you can do except buy new hardware. A new graphics card (RX 550/GT 1030 would be the minimum for HDMI, displayport whatever you can find that has it). Or you could look for a motherboard that provides a displayPort output, or a USB graphics device (although I don't know how well they work at very high resolutions).

As far as I know USB includes no provision for two hosts to one client so you'd have to look at dodgy ebay sellers and so on for such a non-standard device. What you can get is manual switches that disconnect from computer before connecting to another, for example:…033…695

They're a bit cheaper than a normal KVM
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Thanks for the feedback guys.

As far as I can tell AMD Radeon HD 7540D should support 2560x1600, but if I understand you right EW, it's the refresh rate that's the problem. No big deal though as I get full 4K on the PC I use for editing, and this one which won't cooperate is mostly for browsing. Especially if I can switch them quickly, that will ease my pain a lot

Thank you also EW for the links. Going to check them out now.
Got the USB switch in today. Works like a charm! Thanks once again EW!
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