Posted 18th Jan 2023
Looking for a set of speakers to attach to the monitor. Using monitor to game with ps5 but the monitor speakers are quite bad and looking for a solution. Looked at the creative the Mr switch posted and read the comments but not to my liking. Purpose would be for the gaming but also for listen to songs from Apple Music or Spotify
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    Perhaps explain what was not to your liking so people know your requirements?
    Like there’s not enough oompf seeking the Dolby atoms feel but on a budget for the all surround feel
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    Also a further question to this I’m using a iiyama ProLite XB3070WQS but unable to display 1440p for the ps5 so any monitor suggestions too or shall I just get a tv with decent speaker on a budget
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    What is your budget?
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    Have a look at Panasonic on eBay, often have good deals on refurb. sound bars. Wait until eBay have one of their 20% off events to save even more.
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    I run some older Bose Companion 5’s which comes with a subwoofer. Excellent for the money when I bought them brand new 10 years ago, and still sound excellent. I paid £299 and that was with discount! You can pick them up now for around £130 or £150+ with box.

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