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Found 21st Jul 2009
The interactive site provides information about symptoms, transmission and treatment of the virus as well as the latest statistics on cases.…274

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is their a d'evils monitor?

wow this swine flu is really taking over. no joke anymore.

the easiest way is to look for the smoke rising over your city as the mass burning of bodies start.

If your city, town or village starts to smell like burning beef then swine flu is there.


DO you watch a normal flu monitor in your area? Seriously, the hype has got out of control, just as many (if not more) people die from normal flu but there isn't the pandamonium over that so why over swine flu. The USA hardly publicise it at all but good old blighty have to go over the top.

So if I add that I have a bad cough on the map, wont that count towards the swine flu total? Have read what some people reported?

1 users reporting flu-like symptoms in the postal code WA8

1 users reporting respiratory symptoms in the postal code HD5

1 users reporting no symptoms in the postal code LL77

1 users reporting respiratory symptoms in the postal code ST15

Click any of the points and they are virtually the same Very scientific!

Exactly - ridiculous. I think we should ban all swine flu threads as they're getting out of hand, I'm all for freedom of speech and eveything but give us a break!! If the loony paranoid USA can not panic about it, and not put it on the front page of EVERY newspaper EVERY day, then surely we can too.


Yes, it's driving me crazy, and half my family who are back in my home … Yes, it's driving me crazy, and half my family who are back in my home town have it, no need!!!!!!!!!

I think just about everyone knows someone who's got it/had it now which shoes just how un-deadly it is, the percentage is really low, far lower than the normal flu deaths but because it's on the front page everyday, and on the news, everyone's getting paranoid about it. A lot of people have actually had it without knowing as their symptoms are so mild but it's still blown all out of proportion AND IT'S DRIVING ME SCATTY!!

lets be honest, they have changed the way in which they are diagnosing it so everyone in there dog who has a sniffle is now said to have swine flu. My mate went to the docs with ear ache and thought they might have chest infection, without any tests she now has swine flu? I also know of 5 other people who haven't had any tests but GP says its swine fl, thankfully none of them are in a bad way just very mild colds.. but hey they get some time off from work lol

my sister and niece were so into the swine flu thing that they actually caught scarlet fever lol The docs didnt know what was wrong with her even though all of her symptoms were of scarlet fever so they decided to give my niece the drug for swine flu to make sure just incase. They then diagnosed my niece of scarlet fever after 2 weeks of agony. Then my sister got it off her daughter.

And just this morning my dad had an appointment cancelled as the person he was suppose to see had swine flu.


just keeping the swine flu fire burning
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