Found 8th Apr 2007
I have a 15" DGM TFT Widescreen Monitor, which has recently decided to go on the blink.

If the monitor is left alone for x amount of time it will just go to a white screen, this has happened twice to me now, i've searched on google and found posts from others with a similar problem.

I bought this on the 22/04/06.

any ideas on what i should do, i think i bout it with my debit card.

just fo the wise ppl the contrast is properly set. and it is plugged in it just doesn't want to work.

thanks in advance

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well thats still within a year, so send it back. contact where you bought it and report the fault.

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yeah was thinking to do that when i was typing my first post.



Yeah, i wouldn't bother trying to fix it, it should be a 1 year warranty so return it if possible. Who knows, if they dont do that model any more, they might give ya a different better one!

Could be a graphics card problem,

I used to have a problem where i monitor would go black into standby mode after 2 seconds and sum times it would stay on,Turned out it was my power adapter

Does your computer go into standby after a time of inactivity? It could be some kind of screensaver (altho a strange one if it's white, rather than black) - maybe if there's no input into the monitor (i.e. when computer is in standby) then the screen goes blank white?

Try turning the monitor on without the cable plugged into the computer, and see if it has this white screen. If it does then it could be due to computer going into standby and monitor not having any input.

Otherwise I think the monitor is damaged, send for repair / replacement!

Have you still got your old monitor. Hook that back up and just check it is not a prob with your PC. That would eliminate the first thing that they are going to ask you...

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Thanks for the replys, I know its a monitor fault, probably didn't make my first post clear enough.

I've tried my pc through my tv and it works fine.

emailed aria (company who I bought the monitor off). Awaiting reply (bank holiday, so won't be many tech ppl working)
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