Monitor / TV for Playing WII/Xbox 360?

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Found 15th Jan 2009
Do I need a monitor or a TV to play my xbox 360 and wii on? In terms of speakers all I have is store.apple.com/us/…4Ng which I sometimes plugin to my pc or macbook, though rarely gets used as I never use my pc.

Also, next year I *might* have signal to watch TV, all I have at the moment is a USB freeview stick. If I got a monitor, are there freeview boxes that would plugin to it?

Sorry I don't have a clue about all these tv/monitor inputs/outputs.

The monitor I saw was hotukdeals.com/ite…pr/

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The monitor you've linked to would not be suitable for the wii without buying extra equipement. The Wii only outputs natively in composite or with the purchase of another cable, component. Neither are directly supported on this monitor. There are devices to convert component to VGA, but that's more expense to think about.

Your 360 would work right away if it has HDMI output. Otherwise you'd need to purchase a VGA cable for it.
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