Monitors with Scart Sockets?

Found 27th Feb 2007
Hi Maybe A silly question....

But has anyone heard of any TFT monitors that we see on HUKD regularly with scart sockets?

What Im looking for is something like this…969

with a scart, do they exist?
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You'd have to look for a monitor that had TV functionality to get a scart socket, those monitors are PC use so you'll probably just find them with VGA or DVI. ]Something like this one, though they are quite pricey.

You can get Scart to VGA cables though if thats any help. Since its analog to analog you shouldn't have any issues with degradation of picture quality, though I'd look around for a good quality one that is RGB scart, not composite. ]This one here at amazon transmits in RGB.
Hmm so in theory, if I got that monitor, and got vga to scart cable, I could put a freeviw box? and have a freeviw tv for cheaper than buying a lcd freeview tv?
There are freeview boxes with vga output but tend to be £70+, check ebay.
What I'm looking for is a 19-21 inch LCD TV with freeview to put on the wall. I had a trip to comet to have a look and they are about £250-300 for the cheapest one.

So I was wondering, if there was an alternative to use a monitor for the pc, as they are cheap with 19inch ones for £100, and somehow add freeview to it?

Will do that, Freeview Settop box with vga out, just unfortunately it's not cheap:

A £15-£20 usb tv tuner and a laptop/pc computer is a much cheaper solution though...
There is no reason why a scart to vga adaptor will not work. They were designed to hook up dvd players to LCD projectors, but the idea is the same. It is carrying one analog signal to another. You'll be fine.
Scart to vga converter:

£60 though.

Hmmmm or much cheaper for £12:

Whether the vga output is in a mode a normal pc monitor would work on is another thing....
Thanks schizo

Just had a look on Ebay and they are much cheaper than the high street! (A proper lcd freeview tv)

Might consider these unless somebody knows of a good site?

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