Found 20th Jul 2008
Hi, I'm looking to get two new 20-22" monitors for my PC/Entertainment system. I current have a 26" HannsG HDTV which is a couple of years old now and its 16ms response time and picture quality just isn't cutting it for my gaming.

I need to hook up to them my PC (DVI or HDMI) and my cable TV box (Scart). I don't want to use a TV capture card in my PC because they lag when changing channel and the Happauge one I brought had bad drivers and kept making my computer crash

I was thinking of getting some Samsung pebble 20" TVs but I don't really know whats on the market.

Can anyone advise on some good TV/Monitors or tell me a better way to set my system up?



What sort of budget do you have?

I would suggest posting on a dedicated gaming forum, they will be able to give the best advice

LG and Samsung seem to be the only manufacturers doing monitors with built in TV tuners at the moment, apart from those I don't know of any monitors with SCART connections.

From the pure TV side if you can get a 20"-22" 720p TV then that should suffice, the resolution will be lower than standard monitor but it should still be reasonable. Although the input lag might be a bit high going down that route.

Fast Response (pixel changing/input lag) AND a stunning picture quality seems to be somewhat thin on the ground at the moment. HP have a new 22" PVA up on their site (The L2275w) so that might be worth waiting for.

How picky are you going to be regarding quality and response and what sort of games do you play?

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Well I'd prefer a 5ms response time over the 2ms TN screens because I don't like the TNs back light bleed...
I also dislike glossy screens as my room is very light and makes the pictures hard to make out.
I do like the look of the HP screens but the ones with DVI all seem overpriced to me, unless you catch a very nice deal, I was looking at a 300-350 budget...

The only game i play is BF2 which can't really display widescreens properly and stretches the picture so you can't really get a good quality image so what I'm looking for in terms of gaming is just a good contrast ratio but also have a good quality for movies and stuff that I watch.

I was thinking maybe of getting 2 normal monitors then running my Cable tv box into a dvd recorder with HDMI out then connecting that to a KVM box then to one of the monitors, but that seems like it would be very messy lol
I might just give up on the whole 2 monitor thing and just buy a good TV set, the market just isn't there for these screens...

I think back light bleed depends on just the monitor model rather than panel type since there are some 2ms TNs that are good in that respect (The BenQ V2400W for example).

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Well thanks for advise, I think I'll just stick with my current TV for now but I'll be on the look out for hot deals!!
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