Mono laser printer Brother HL 1212WXLVB All in Box: INCLUDES 5 Toners and a 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty £49.99 @ Ryman

Posted 20th Nov 2019…box

I paid it £49.99! They are amending their glitch but you might still be in time to have it for £49.99. Even at £99.99 is a steal with 5 toners included.

Proof that was £49.99:

Right now they changed the price to £99.99, but at this link:…ice
(Sort it by the cheapest one)

you should still see this on the right side of the page:


Previously I tried to buy when was supposed to be at £49.99, however at checkout was £99.99, so I called the number:

0800801901 option 3

and given the product code number 3908101512 to the lady, telling her that as per my screenshot the price should have been £49.99.

She said I could order with her and then getting refunded of £50 on my card or PayPal (I used Paypal) by giving her the order number. And that's what I did and she processed everything whilst on the phone. Proof:

I think you can try what I did, either by using my £49.99 initial screenshot as above or by mentioning the price when you sort it by cheapest price under laser printer category.

I went also through Topcashback for a potential 3% cashback equal to £2.99 over the £99.99 purchase, making it £46.99 if paid.

I wanted the cheapest mono laser, and I think this is considering the 5 toners and 3 years warranty included in bundle. Good luck to everyone!
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