Monoprice 8323 vs Audio Technica ATH-M50X.

Found 13th Mar 2016
Which is best? there is only one way to find out....... FIGHT!!!!!!
But seriously, I own the Monoprice, I went out today to upgrade with some serious cash, went to currys, had a listen to some high end headphones (Sennheiser momentum, Sony?, and others), they all sounded terrible in comparison. What I want to know is if the Audio Technica are a good upgrade?
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BTW, I didn't realise just HOW GOOD the Monoprice are until I tested the competition!
if nobody is going to reply, I am going to vote the Monoprice... .... the best headphones in history.
I'm listening to some Frankie goes to Hollywood right now........ Amazing
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They're ok, I use them at work because the have good sound isolation and the detachable 3.5mm socket in case the cable gets snagged into a machine.

Superlux HDs are better in my opinion though but they are so damn fugly.

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where did you buy them from?
I have had the Monoprice for about 6 months, got them from here somewhere
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