Monsoon/Zara Summer Sale

Found 28th Jun 2007
Anyone got an idea when these sales start?

Wanting a new dress for a wedding :-)
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I don't go into Zara so don't know about that shop.

I was in Monsoon a few weeks ago and they did have some sale items.
If you go to Monsoon site online,even though they not got an actual link to their sale,if you put in the search bar what you are looking for then refine the price filter and set it at lowest and then usually the sale items come up.
Monsoon do have dresses on sale online


£50 down to £15 so you might be able to find something suitable,probably that black one not most suitable for a wedding but just as an example.There is loads of items that are almost 75%. It be easier if they did a direct link to their sale items.
Thanks! Nice tip!

Been through all the kids stuff but mainly I think stuff left from the winter sale. Dress is quite nice although I doubt it would arrive by next wednesday :? Was more wondering when the big summer sale was in store ... guess I just keep looking.
It shouldn't be too long away as most of the shops are having sales, I guess when you mean big sale you wanting 75% off.
I like the girls clothes in there particular and some of the home items like the photo frames and the crystal door knobs.
Yups or even the 50% to start with ... totally love the children's clothes. Two little girls ... I just can't resist!
the staff are currently marking down stuff ready for sale (d in law works there) will find out when if i can get hold of her
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