Mont Blanc Fountain Pen (Wanted, but advice sought)

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Found 30th Mar 2008
I know this is really pretentious, and I really do not want any stick/grief/abuse for this post, so please refrain and only offer the advice I seek please.

Anyway, enough BS, I am looking for a Mont Blanc fountain pen and I really do not want to pay the RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE amounts they cost. Therefore, I am looking for advice/tips/hints on how to get one without the remortgage.

Does anyone know if its possible to get one through Tesco Clubcards, heavily reduced, seconds, etc. I am open to all sensible suggestions and would welcome all any advice, apart from "don't get one" - which I keep getting told.

The main point of this thread is to get one 'cheap as XXXX'

Many thanks in advance


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if they sell them in Goldsmiths you can get them with clubcard deals - try their website.

Check the price in goldsmiths then go on ebay and see how much you can get clubcard vouchers for,you could save some money that way.

Goldsmiths and Tesco vouchers are your best bet! Or I could use my staff discount for you

Original Poster

Thank you all for your assistance, it looks like Goldsmiths is my best (and possibly only) option, but hey, that's what this site is all about.

Staff discount eh, sounds very interesting

Unfortunately pens aren't really something that go into the gs sale either. As long as you can be bothered to wait long enough to gain £100 in tesco vouchers you could get a £400 one! 4x the amount is too good a deal to turn down, as long as you don't need it now.
Good luck in finding the one you want, I promise you you won't be disappointed with it!!
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