Monthly: Win an Apple iPhone with Death Proof

The Great Big Movie Quiz

As Quentin Tarantino's revved-up road thriller comes to DVD, play The Great Big Movie Quiz for the chance to win an awesome iPhone.


god damn, you have to answer 1998 correctly to get number 1 so far and I'm going for it! lol

even if it takes me now till the end of the contest and I can't close firefox. I'm determined! :P

note: please no one else try

note: please no one else try

:giggle: Don't worry, I'm not going near it!

Original Poster

Some are really easy, but then you get those horrible ones where you just got to guess. 21 would actually get me in the top 20! Let me know if you beat 1998 or my 21 Fusen. Good luck.

using google + wiki I got up to 45 lol I was actually going to go further but accidently hit submit whenb I hadn't selected an answer

I worked it out that if you answer one question a minute it'll take you 33 hours to get to 2000 so I reckon the top score is a cheater as the site says that people had been cheating but they changed how to record scores

not really worth it when you do the maths

too hard!

Ditto !!

Can't be bothered, too hard!!!
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