Found 25th Feb 2008
grrr the advert for this annoys me (well the song)

That is all
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yeah same, they have had the same advert for like a year and i hated it at the start:x
Oh, how right you are. VERY annoying.

I also can't stand the one where the bloke from The Bill is talking about compensation...he sounds like an idiot.
Grrrrr this board annoys me!

Spent about 5 bloody minutes trying to get into the thread because of hukd going slow!
Infuriating advert, I'm glad i'm not the only one haunted by that blasted pig!
That's it you have gone and done it now, cannot get that gaud awful song out of my mind now!!! :w00t:
I wonder who thought:
"so guys, we need a name for our card company (I think thats what they do), any suggestions?"
"Well, i was thinking.... Moonpig"
"Thats genius, whenever people think of cards they always think of Pigs and the moon."

I am thinking the creators of the company where a bunch of 2 year olds.
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