Moores kitchen drawer runner needed.

    I need a drawer runner for a Moores kitchen drawer. These runners seem to be the same as others available but they are welded to brackets. Does anyone know where I could get a pair?

    Pics below, sorry about being a bit blurred, the focus on my ATRIX has failed ...



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    What about Moore's?

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    They don't make them anymore unfortunately.


    They don't make them anymore unfortunately.

    But surely they could at least let you know where you could source them, or get another set that you could install?

    b and q do a range of draw runners

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    B&q do runners that would work for the task, except they do not have the welded bracket on them. That's what makes this drawer annoying.

    I'd replace both runners with bog standard drawer runners. Those look like bottom mounted heavy duty jobbies which seems like overkill on a cutlery drawer. You can get that type of runner but they're pricy.
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