More acceptable if you have funds?

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Found 5th Aug 2008
Been on my mind a while now. Is it just me or do others feel uncomfortable with labour when they regularly drop the word class into the subject of conversation.

I started my working life with unions getting such a bad rap that it was embarrasing to be seen to associate with them. So I and many others distanced ourselves from them. Later when Blair came along it seemed that he was at heart a supporter of working people but without so much of the idealogy that had gone before.

But if I look at it logically, I could not survive purely on my assets or family so I am working class whether I choose to define myself that way or not. I think it is natural for people to want to feel that they are not at the bottom of the heap regardless of whether they choose to step on others to better their position.

But heres another thing that has really niggled me over the last few years. It seems that those who are lower down in the pecking order have been getting a really hard time whilst those who can afford to take career breaks but may not be contributing as such are left untarnished. WHY? Been watching things like Upstairs Downstairs and the thirties in colour and it seems not much has changed. If you have funds you are viewed as a more acceptable person in society. This makes me feel uneasy.

Am I the only one?

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Money makesthe world go round................I work for a bank and don't worry mate even the rich are feleing the pinch. I often chat to people with several million in the bank and they still need more as the more you have the more you need. Many of them pay for private education and houses for other members of their family and they cannot just give up their resposibilities so they work too, not in the same way as you or me, but still have to go out and earn a crust as they put it!! I'm afraid i'm married to someone who thinks we should bring back the power of the unions as they champion the cause of those with no voice but I look at both sides and sometimes the power of these organisations can be too much.

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Thanks for being prepared to speak up Wendy

Point I am trying to make but not very well is that is it more acceptable to belittle and berate those who are not doing so well financially and are possibly not as educated. Whilst there are also those in society who are maybe not playing a full part either. But who because they are self funded (or royal perhaps.. never gone down this route before) are left alone. I know the royal thing is contraversial and I have never really had strong views either way.

I am raising this in part to help me unscramble some thoughts with the input of others.

I am not particularly Royalist but have strong views on things like the House of Lords. If your father has sat all his life and voted on all sorts of subjects then you will be brought up in that way and taught to keep up with politics and policies. Many people with "old money" are having a rough time, as are those who have recently made it. I feel lucky becuase I have a family who support me if I fall and have never been afraid of trying to make a go of things.......let me explain. My first mortgage was "fiddled" as I didn't earn enough for a flat but had seen a house and knew I could make the payments, so we tweaked the figures. Once on the ladder I found a delapidated house and was able to buy that with a little help from family. Even without the input I would have done it anyway because there is no such thing as can't in my world. Before you jump to conclusions my family are far from rich and only lent a couple of thousand, but as you know if you're that much short it seems like a million.

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I suppose I am in a bit of a reflective phase right now. I am not personally on skid row and help others in my family but I have been reading quite a lot of posts and seen things on television that have just made me feel out of my comfort zone.

I along with others do not want to feel taken advantage of. I feel that is where a lot of the anger comes from when so many SCREAM about scroungers. But many of those who go through the benefits system would not choose to do so if they had funding elsewhere. True they may not choose to work but would not be castigated in the same way.

What defines a scrounger or ponce though? Somebody taking too much from the John Lewis list? Someone going on endless trips at taxpayers expense as their family is deemed or be somebody the taxpayer should pay for (but they dont need a signing on book)?

Some of the angry comments I have read on these boards and by some people that would aspire to roles with some degree of power have shaken me. And I find it both scary and a good thing that we have such forums that people may be able to vent.

And I for one am glad that even with all the problems in our society we do have some form of a safety net even though there may be gaping holes in many places. I just dont like all the poor baiting that goes on that says if you are not a consumer (someone with money to spend elsewhere) then you are a lesser person. In some societys there are some who give all their possessions away.
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