More Cd-wow e-vouchers - expire on 30/11

    I've got a few £1/50p vouchers left over from the footy forecast ran over the World Cup, so feel free to use them up. They should work in addition to any affiliation links that you may know:

    5b65-a96bc-d8061-b8625 0.50
    41903-4e3ea-4eafd-16d9d 0.50
    6bb99-1da0e-acdb6-82c27 0.50
    f3070-58d28-35f6c-987a2 1.00
    a62b0-b91be-68a9b-d10cd 1.00
    6f376-e72a0-f19ce-f573d 1.00
    aea57-c8b5c-2e397-604f5 1.00
    8bca5-2d003-a9517-63791 0.50
    8ca77-6a315-b9aa2-fddcc 0.50
    74805-8523e-e01fd-18bdc 0.50
    d8eae-ee1c5-6d687-38884 0.50



    That's kind of you to share

    If people use them please can they update the thread so we know what is left?

    Nice work feesh69
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