more computer help again sorry

    ok tried to get the service pack 4 for windows 2000

    i tried copying it straight off the website to disk

    when i try to load it on the laptop it says drive is unaccesable

    so i downloaded it onto this computer (vista)
    then i extracted the files, then with the files made an iso image and burnt the image onto the cd
    i can open and see the files but do nothing else, wont boot up the cd, and when i try and load anything thats on there it doesnt do anything

    ok now ive just found this
    You cannot install Windows 2000 with SP4 on computers that are already running Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, or Windows 2000 with Server Appliance Kit unless you reinstall the operating system.

    If you install Windows 2000 with SP4, your computer is set to 128-bit encryption. This provides better online and local security and brings your computer up to the current worldwide standard. After you install Windows 2000 with SP4, you cannot revert to 56-bit encryption on your computer unless you reformat the hard drive and install Windows 2000 or Windows 2000 with SP1. Windows 2000 with SP2, SP3, or SP4 updates your computer to 128-bit encryption.

    If you install Windows 2000 with SP4, you will not be able to uninstall SP4 unless you uninstall Windows 2000.

    1.1 What Is in This Product
    Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4 provides you with an installation of the Windows 2000 operating system that is integrated with SP4. This means that Windows and the service pack are installed simultaneously.

    The SP4 files are a collection of updates for Windows 2000. These updates address the following areas of Windows 2000 functionality:

    Operating system reliability
    Application compatibility
    Windows 2000 Setup
    For additional information about Windows 2000 and SP4, see the resources listed in this section

    so with my cd with the iso image should i boot it from the cd and re install windows 2000?


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    also with the drivers i got from the d-link website to see if that will help getting the thing onto the interenet same problem with the disk, make into an iso image i can see the files but nothing else, download straight to disk wont let me open the drive at all, i know im doing something wrong but havent a clue what

    What service pack are you currently running? You can check by going to start->run then typing winver and hitting enter.

    The download you want is this one:…=en

    This is a simple executable (around 200MB), all you need to do is transfer it to the Win2k machine and run it then follow the steps through. I've done this many times and found it troublefree.


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    what i do is copy it do disk i can see the files but it doesn't run or do anything else

    Have you downloaded the one I've linked to? You shouldn't be looking at files, it should be a single executable rather than the Windows 2000 CD with SP4 which it looks like you have. What exactly are you trying to do, a clean install of Windows 2000 or update an existing Windows 2000 installation to service pack 4?


    lol only joking,, john above, advice sounds good , think you have just downloaded wrong item but am puzzled cos i don't think microsoft do w2k/sp4 as a single download which from your description it sounds like it is...
    Can't be a hardware problem cos u just installed win2k on it so guess is fault(s) are with
    a. what you are downloading
    b. the way you are writing it to cd, use a proper cd burning application like nero and set the burn process to a low speed like 4x., vistas own burning process usually tries to burn at the fastest speed which may be a problem for older drives to read.
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