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    Ok I am a little bit confused and would like to apologise for all the threads!

    Anyway I have just spoken to o2 and they have basically said they cannot do any better than the genio and nokia 6303 and to add insult to injury they have to put my contract up to £25 a month for me to keep my free unlimited web browsing!!
    I am appalled by their service to loyal customers.
    So... i have told them I am going to cancel but they say I need to give 30 days. my contract was due to expire on the 20th of December but now it will be the 24th of december.
    How do I go about starting a new contract with a different provider? If I take it out now I will be paying for two contracts surely? And if I wait until a week or so before my contract expires surely the deals I am seeing now will have changed.

    I am a little bit miffed by all of this and was wondering if someone could shed some light.



    give them notice by ringing or emailing them, prob better ringing, while ur canceling, ask for your pac code , once u get ur pac code use it to switch to another provider if u looking to leave

    basically if you give notice now, you will pay decembers bill when its due, then u shouldnt get anymore probs off 02, no more to pay, u prob better waiting till 24th then just sign up to another, will save u paying 2 just make sure you get your pac code if want to keep your number

    if i read that right about putting you contract up to 25, what was u on before? if they put your contract up they should let you know, if they didnt then thats a breach of contract and thats enough reason to cancel your contract without penalty

    Original Poster

    I have been paying £20 for 18 months, When I phoned them just now to cancel I was told that regardless what phone they offer, they will not be able to give me unlimited web browsing for less than £25 a month

    ur best bet is to shop around then if they wont offer you a better upgrade, give them notice as soon as poss so u can leave in dec, n choose another provider

    Phone vodafone on 08080408408
    People have had mixed experiences but i got the Follow three deals

    Nokia 5800
    600 Mins
    Ultd Texts
    Free Bluetooth
    £15 a month
    18 month contract.

    Nokia 5800
    600 Mins
    Ultd Texts
    Free Bluetooth
    £17.50 a month
    12 Month Contract

    Sim only
    600 Mins
    Ultd Texts
    £10 a month
    12 month contract.

    The trick is to say that youll think about it if they say thats the most that they can offer you.
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