More help needed from a wizz with paint or something similar

    Following on from my mission to get a pressie for a Leeds united fan - I have decided (very stupidly it would appear) to try and get a Travel mug with LUFC on it. Unfortunately I seem unable to find one - the official site doesnt have any and neither do places like sports direct. I think my only option is to get one printed - Tesco had hot mugs at their photographic place yesterday. Can anyone do me a montage of LUFC badges that I can print out and get them to use? I want a blue background preferably I think although white would also do with the rose logo in the middle at the back and the new one at the middle at the front and then just a montage of them over the rest of the space. I really would be grateful
    Of course if anyone could point me in the right direction of an official one - that would be fab


    cant you get to eland road shop
    they have alsorts in there

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    No travel mugs - mailed them this morning
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